Call for Papers

What’s in a Name? Stories of Inspiration From Non-Bio and/or Non-Gestational Queer Moms* Co-editors: Sherri Martin-Baron, Raechel Johns, and Emily Wills.

Maternal Narrative: Theory and Representation (Working Title) Co-Editors: BettyAnn Martin and Michelann Parr

Shouting into the Wind: Mothering Children with Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicidality Editors: Theresa Fraser and Dawn Friedman

Mothering, Community, and Friendship Editors: Norma I. Peña Rivera, Janet MacLennan, and Dorsía Smith Silva

Mothers’ Breasts: Personal, Interpersonal, and Social Perspectives Co-Editors: Patricia Drew and Rosann Edwards

On the Precipice of Parenthood: Narratives of Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth Co-Editors: Claudia Ludwig, Mary Mahoney, and Lauren Mitchell

Global Perspectives on Motherhood, Mothering, and Masculinities Co-Editors: Tola Olu Pearce and Andrea Moraes

“Black Sisterhoods: Black Womyn’s Representations of Sisterhood Across the Diaspora” Co-Editors: Dannielle Joy Davis, Ph.D., Denise Davis-Maye, Ph.D., Tamara Bertrand Jones, Ph.D., and Jill Andrew, M.A.

The Motherhood-Entrepreneurship Nexus: Explorations of Experiences, Identities and Practices of Mothers as Entrepreneurs Editors: Melanie Knight and Talia Esnard Deadline for Abstract: August 31, 2017

Where Did I Go? Identity Challenges for High Achieving Professional Late Mothers Editors: Suzette Mitchell and Tania Principe Deadline for Abstracts: August 1, 2017

Thriving Mothers/Depriving Mothers: Mothers, Mothering and Welfare (Working Title) Co-editors: Karine Levasseur and Lorna Turnbull

Mothers, Mothering, and the Environment: The Maternal in Discourse and Activism Co-Editors: Rebecca Bromwich and Maryellen Symons