What We Hold In Our Hands


Price: $19.95

Page Count: 153

Publication Date: November 2013

ISBN: 978-1-927335-33-8

In What We Hold in Our Hands, a teen mom longs for a different kind of life, a divorced dad struggles to come to terms with his exwife’s involvement in their son’s life, a woman cares for a dying younger sister, and a granddaughter wonders about the man her grandmother killed. The ten stories in this debut collection are about the difficult choices inherent in caring for children, siblings, and partners, and the limits and limitlessness of love.  

“Kim Aubrey writes deftly orchestrated stories of domestic surfaces disturbed by memories, dreams, and unspoken impulses. The mood is anxious. Aubrey’s narrators are sharply observant and observed yet often haunted by unexpressed desires. A Brave first collection.”
—Douglas Glover, author of Savage Love, 16 Categories of Desire, and Elle, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Fiction

“This is a book for grownups. It contains not a shred of sentimentality. Its joys are hard-won and its smiles tinged with sadness. That said, the writing is beautifully sensuous, giving the reader exact shades of colour and subtleties of fragrance and sound. These stories are all about difficulty of loving, and the even greater difficulty of being loved.”
—K. D. MIller, author of A Litany in Time of Plague, Give Me Your Answer, and Brown Dwarf

“How do I love Kim Aubrey’s What We Hold in Our Hands? Well, I could count the ways, but suffice to say, dear reader, that what you’re holding in your hands is a debut collection of short stories that no lover of fiction should miss.”
—David Jauss, author of Glossolalia, Black Maps, and On Writing Fiction.

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