The Maternal Journey: A New Approach to Storytelling

The Maternal Journey - Revised 3

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Page Count: 250

Publication Date: December 2017

ISBN: 978-1-77258-136-2

We are storytelling animals. But somewhere along the way our discussion around narratives became entirely theoretical rather than practical and literature lost its way. An example of this disconnect is the way in which the madwoman in feminist literature has become a lauded icon of liberation, when in the real world her situation would be seen as anything but empowered. The Maternal Journey takes this example to task, arguing that in fact any interpretation of women’s madness as subversive reinforces the very gender stereotypes that feminist literary criticism should be calling into question. Rogers argues for a different approach, creating a groundbreaking revision of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey that will transform the way you read, write, and tell stories. By challenging the uncritical celebration of unhappy endings in literature The Maternal Journey heralds a new era in literary criticism.

Dr. Megan Rogers is a tutor and researcher in the Media and Communications Department of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. An award-winning creative writer, her research focuses on the intersection between myth criticism, feminist literary theory, and maternal studies or, in ordinary language, the ways in which the practice of storytelling can enrich our lives.