The language of MA the primal mother The evolution of the female image in 40,000 years of global Venus Art


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Publication Date: July 2015

ISBN: 978-90-820313-0-0

What this book offers you
1. This book is the first pioneering study of global ‘Venuses’ who are part of an ancient and contemporary art traditionally called ‘Venus Art’, the art of the primal mother(s), the art of the female ancestors.
2. Venus Art reflects the consciousness of egalitarian societies of peace in which women and feminine values play or have played a central role, in which MA or the MATER or MOTHER and the primal mothers of the clan are central.
3. To date Venus Art has been misunderstood, neglected and not integrally researched. The art has become eroticised and sexualised. The purpose of this book is to rehabilitate Venus Art. Venus is no pin-up or sex idol. She is a manifestation of the divine Mother MA.
4. This innovative view of Venus Art can significantly contribute to the dismantling of our history that does not include women. Feminine art is demonstrably in the majority in Palaeolithic and Neolithic cultures and in some present-day indigenous peoples. The time is ripe for a new art historical approach in which the contribution of woman to evolution is reclaimed.

1300 Illustrations, Full Color 28 cm x 24 cm

“I have enjoyed reading your MA book very much…MMMAAA…! What a wonderful book your MA! I have now read it in full and must say it is the best treatise on matriarchy!! Not to belittle the pioneering works, simply, this book is so pedagogically as- tute and perfect that it also helps me now sort out the mess of details. I especially liked your term MOTHERLAND VS: FA- THERLAND and would like to adapt it as the umbrella term for matriarchal, matristic, matrilineal etc. societies when I need a general term…. The book is so readable and accessible to
the “normative” reader that I must take you as my role model for writing… complex stuff but you manage to organize every- thing so well. this is a must for anyone wishing to understand the complexities of the historically layered matriarchal traces. Bravo!”
-Kaarina Kailo

Dr Annine E.G. van der Meer is a Dutch historian and holds a PhD in theology from the University of Utrecht. She is a spe- cialist in female symbols. She is the author of several books. She has travelled widely to retrace the universal hidden Mother in sacred art, symbols and texts. She is founder and president of the Dutch PanSophia Academy, school of Wisdom, where she also teaches.