Stepmothering: A Spiritual Journey


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Page Count: 146

Publication Date: November 2012

ISBN: 978-1-927335-10-9

In this memoir, Jasjit Sangha poignantly shows how the pressure to be a “good mother” and “good step-mother” left her feeling inadequate, resentful and angry as she negotiated loyalty conflicts and cultural differences in her bi-racial step-family. Rather than succumbing to this pressure, she describes how she restored her sense of self through nurturing her spirituality.  

“Jasjit Sangha’s memoir on stepmothering is a compelling account of her struggles along the way. With her deepening spiritual awareness she communicates in a new way the important old adage we all need to remember as we raise our children: ‘When you love someone, you need to let them go’.”
—Janet Groen, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary and co-editor of Spirituality in Social Work and Education: Theory, Practice and Pedagogies

“This memoir is a must read for anyone who wants a deeper and more compassionate understanding of the experience of stepmothers and mothers. As a classroom teacher, educator, and researcher I was drawn into the emotions and vulnerabilities that Jasjit Sangha expresses so vividly through her stories. This book is a powerful meditation on the vicissitudes of human relationships and of hope in the midst of struggle.”
—Grace Feuerverger, Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto and author of Teaching, Learning and Other Miracles



A Message for the Reader

Chapter One: Crossing Worlds

Chapter Two: Stepping Forward

Chapter Three: Becoming A Mother

Chapter Four: Reclaiming My Spirituality

Chapter Five: The Fires of Transformation

Chapter Six: A Time for Renewal

Chapter Seven: Finding Joyfulness


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