Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents


Price: $29.95

Page Count: 315

Publication Date: May 2018

ISBN: 978-1-77258-159-1

As queerspawn, we have often presented our lives to conform to other people’s 
expectations of what has been difficult for us, and what we have risen above. We have 
felt the pressure to be perfect in order to prove to the skeptics, the disbelievers, the 
pessimists, the straight-up haters, that we are a social experiment gone ‘right,’ producing 
‘well-adjusted’ children. This anthology is about carving out a space for our voices. It is 
an attempt to create space for our stories without the pressures of having to conform to a 
narrative that demands perfection, that demands proving to on-lookers, both outside of 
and within queer communities, that we turned out ‘all right.’  
If you are looking for that narrative in this collection, you won’t find it. Instead you will 
find voices that ask: What does it mean to be ‘well-adjusted’ in a world that teaches us to 
lie about our imperfections and to believe that we are alone in those imperfections? What 
does it means to be ‘well adjusted’ in a world that is ripe with problems and fraught with 
violence? What does it mean to be resilient in a world that will not allow us to reveal our 
imperfections for fear of putting our family’s safety at risk? We are in fact, and all at 
once, resilient, imperfect, and fiercely protective of our families. We exist in a world of 
grey and this anthology is a reflection of our actual experiences, airbrushed for no one  
at times humorous, light, joyous, prideful, and hopeful, at other times sad, and full of 
grief, guilt, shame, denial, resentment, and anger.  

"Queerspawn answer, on their own terms, the litany of questions proposed to them by
friends, coworkers, strangers, anyone and everyone who has decided throughout their
lives to ask what it’s like to be raised by queer parents. Sometimes these questions are
asked in genuine and loving ways, but too often they are voyeuristic, titillating, upsetting.
They don’t want to be your circus sideshow, your poster child, or your role model. They
have claimed the pages of Us Kids to share their complicated stories of playgrounds,
potlucks, pride marches, secrets, family, dancing, desire, mourning, and an intimate view
of the best and worst of queer culture."
- Karleen Pendleton Jiménez, Author of How to Get a Girl Pregnant

Sadie Epstein-Fine was born in 1992 to her two moms, surrounded by 11 other women in
their home in Toronto. Raised going to Take Back the Night Marches and Jewish Women
Against the Occupation protests, Sadie combines her passion for activism with her
professional theatre career, as a queer/political theatre maker and Associate Artistic
Director at Nightwood Theatre, Canada’s foremost feminist theatre company.

Makeda Zook was born in Vancouver in 1986 to her two lesbian feminist moms. She is a
white femme raised by a brown Jamaican femme and a white American butch who
surrounded her with anti-oppression politics and chosen queer family. Makeda grew up in
Toronto going to dyke marches and being encouraged to talk about her feelings. She
recently completed her Masters of Public Health and currently works in sexual health
promotion for a feminist NGO.