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Page Count: 124

Publication Date: November 2012

ISBN: 978-1-927335-08-6

“out of the broken pieces i will make something more beautiful than you could have imagined or willed. out of the shattered fragments that you smashed out of the whole, i will build myself an idol, to praise the Crone. out of my bodies, the one that you loved and the one that you broke, i will make one creature, a living girl with all her parts and then some. i will create myself in Her image, with both Wings and Horns, with both Breasts and Bird Feet. i will not be the milk you drink, i will wander the desert, barren and dried up, for more than a thousand years. and like a mother bitch exhausted from her nursing pups, i will be utterly relieved to be free of your suckling. i am an oasis, a spring, an endless well, but no you may not drink from my waters anymore.” —from “devour” Rupture is an exploration of sexuality, violence, recovery and reclamation of self. Through images, poetry, and prose Cle- mentine Morrigan examines the processes of destruction and creation which are fundamental to healing.

Clementine has created a masterpiece. At times heartbreak- ing, her stories of sexuality, incest, alcohol and domestic vio- lence are all too familiar. In the hands of young women, this book has the possibility of bringing about stronger friendships, louder voices and real change. Her words pierce right to the bone and to the soul. She has spoken for those who thought they had no voice.
—LaMesha Melton, writer and editor of cocoa/puss zine

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Clementine Morrigan is a multidisciplinary, queer feminist artist based in Toronto. She has been writing all her life and produc- ing zines for the past ten years.