Mothers, Mothering and Sport: Experiences, Representations, Resistances


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Publication Date: September 2018

ISBN: 978-1-77258-170-6

Mothers and mothering have been a longtime focus of research and study in various academic disciplines, and common topics of interest in mainstream press and popular culture, yet the experiences of mothers and mothering in the area of sport have been less explored. This innovative, interdisciplinary collection provides a space for exploration of the complex dimensions of intersections between mothers, mothering, and sport, as athletes, players, participants, parents and discursive figures.  Topics discussed are wide-ranging, from motherwork in sport, mothers as athletes, the athlete mother in sports, representations and expectations of motherhood and health, legal regulation of sports and parenting, as well as sexuality and gender in sports and gaming.

Introduction: This Volume – Theoretical Foundations and Contributions

“We changed her nappies. We saw that she was a girl.” Caster Semenya’s Femininity and the Power of Maternal Testimony
Celeste E. Orr and Amanda D. Watson

“Swim Coaches and Mothers: Exploring Pedagogy Through Oral History”
Kindell Foley Peters

“Quit Calling My Kid, Yao Ming: Reflections of Race and Class from a Chinese Basketball Mom”
Catherine Ma

“Ecofeminism Meets the Team Mom: Eco-Momma as Cultural Change Broker”
Pamela Morgan Redela

“Concussions in Sport and Girls in Women’s Rugby: Effectively Resisting and Moving Beyond Confining Gender Norms and Mother-Blame: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Rowan Stringer Case”
Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich

What Keeps Me Running: Horatio Algiers, The Albatross We Cannot Shed and Maternal Values in Motherhood and Sport
Judy Battaglia

Sports, Moms, School and Stress: My Story - Helaina Bromwich

Judy E. Battaglia is a Clinical Professor of Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she teaches classes in Rhetorical Methodology and Criticism, Gender Communication, Sports Communication and Theatre. She is also a primary Faculty Advisor. Her research interests include but are not limited to performance theory, post-structuralist analysis, feminist theory, close-textual analysis, pop culture, psychoanalysis and cultural studies and critical biography. She has published several academic pieces on motherhood.

Rebecca Bromwich is a mom to four kids in competitive sports, as well as being a lawyer, legal academic, and activist. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where she is a faculty member at Carleton University's Department of Law and Legal Studies as well as serving as an Assistant Crown Attorney. Rebecca has co-edited and authored several Demeter Press collections and a monograph, as well as legal textbooks.

Pamela Morgan Redela is a mother of two, a wife, and friend to many feminist co-conspirators. She holds a B.A., M.A., and PhD in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture and teaches in the Women’s Studies Department of California State University, San Marcos. Her research focuses gender roles and feminist activism, Ecofeminism, and intersectional feminist analysis of women's issues globally. Her writings have been published in Ms. Magazine (Winter, 2011) and the Demeter Press anthologies Feminist Parenting (2016) and Stay-at-home Mothers: Dialogues and Debates (2014).