Mothering Mennonite


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Publication Date: May 2013

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Mothering Mennonite marks the first scholarly attempt to incorporate religious groundings in interpretations of motherhood. The essays included here broaden our understanding of maternal identity as something not only constructed within the family and by society at large, but also influenced significantly by historical traditions and contemporary belief systems of religious communities. A multidisciplinary compilation of essays, this volume joins narrative and scholarly voices to address both the roles of mothering in Mennonite contexts and the ways in which Mennonite mothering intersects with and is shaped by the world at large. Contributors address cultural constructions of motherhood within ethnoreligious Mennonite communities, examining mother-daughter relationships and intergenerational influences, analyzing visual and literary representations of Mennonite mothers, challenging cultural constructions and expectations of motherhood, and tracing the effects of specific religious and cultural contexts on mothering in North and South America.’    

“This innovative anthology—a combination of essay, poetry, memoir, reflection —complicates the categories of both Mennonite and Mother. By offering multivaried positions from which to consider the concept of mother, Mothering Mennonite adds depth to common conceptions of Mennonite identity while also undoing stereotypes which surround mothering in that context. Together, the contributions offer an important glimpse into the intersection of gender, religion, culture, and identity.”
—Marlene Epp, Professor, History and Peace & Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel University College,University of Waterloo

“A beautiful, intelligent, spiritually rich, intimate, and scholarly collection of essays drawing on various disciplines. In its breadth and depth, this collection meets a need for mothers like myself who live with the tension of being independent, thinking, artistic mothers who live to varying degrees within a conservative religious community, and/or were, in their youth, shaped by strongly held religious beliefs, practices, and values. This book makes an important contribution to the larger field of Motherhood and Spirituality.”
—Alana Rub en Free, playwright, Beginner at Life and other Eden Plays, and founding editor of The Mom Egg

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INTRODUCTION: Mothering Mennonite and Mennonite Mothering
- Kerry Fast and Rachel Epp Buller

Picturing My Mother: The Looking Glass Revisited - Magdalene Redekop

The Elusive Dancing Mother: Reflections on Hossack’s Mennonites Don’t Dance
- Edna Froese

“Eking out a Discursive Space”: Ideas for Life - Mary Ann Loewen

Milk - Kirsten Eve Beachy

A Selection from An Inheritance of Words, Unspoken - Connie T. Braun

Mimicking Maternal Gestures: Women’s Memories, Narratives, and Intergenerational Identities - Susie Fisher Stoesz

Who’s Cooking the Borscht: A Perspective on Social Identity - Gladys Loewen, William Loewen, Sharon Loewen Shepherd, and DJ Pauls

“Home” schooling - Wendy A. Crocker

“Single Sisters” and Occupations: Singlehood in a Conservative Mennonite Community
- Tomomi Naka

Creative (M)othering: An Invitation from a Childless Artist - Becca J.R. Lachman

(In)fertile Encounters: An Autoethnographic Account of Infertility Narratives Experienced on a Journey Toward Mennonite Motherhood - Christine E. Crouse-Dick

“Tirelessly working to dispense her own wisdom”: A History of Mennonite Mothers and Scientific Motherhood - Tracey Leigh Dowdeswell

Evangelicalism’s Impact on the Role of Beachy Amish-Mennonite Mothers
- Cory Anderson

Mothering, More With Less - Melanie Springer Mock

“I always played restaurant”: Mennonite Childhood Play as Anticipation/Antithesis of Motherhood
- Doreen Helen Klassen

From Persecution to Hope: Mennonite Mothering in a Context of Violence
- Jennifer Chappell Deckert


Rachel Epp Buller (editor) weaves together personal and professional interests in her art and scholarship on mothering, the maternal body, mothering in academia, and Mennonite heritage. Her writing appears in many journals and books, including Woman’s Art Journal, Mothering in the Third Wave (2008), and Academic Motherhood in a Post-Second Wave Context (2012). Her exhibitions and curatorial projects highlight diverse themes of mothering, as does her newest book, Reconciling Art and Mothering (2012). She holds a PhD in art history and is Assistant Professor of Art at Bethel College.

Kerry Fast (editor) is a freelance editor, writer and researcher. She has published both academically and creatively. Her writings appear in The Journal of Mennonite Studies and Rhubarb. Her primary research interest is conservative colony Mennonites in Latin America, their migrations to Canada and the effect this has on their religious lives. She holds a PhD from the University of Toronto.