Feminist Parenting


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Publication Date: September 2016

ISBN: 978-1-77258-019-8

Feminist Parenting is a collection of writings from women around the globe who offer unique standpoints on feminist theory, intersectional feminist parenting, and empowerment, through poetry, research, and prose. Global perspectives include Anwar Shaheen’s research on parenting inequality in Pakistan, Marlene Pomrenke’s examination of Aboriginal single mothers attending University, and Iza Desperak’s insights on single motherhood in Poland. The collection offers Johanna Wagner’s witty, self-reflective essay on her ambivalence toward her new role as a lesbian parent, and Sarah Keeth’s abortion fantasy sonnet “Tomatoes” in which she describes a pregnant woman who desires, yet struggles with her pregnancy. Feminist Parenting brings together unique voices and provides riveting perspectives on an institution in flux. The anthology pulls back the veil on power dynamics in relationships and exposes some of the challenges of feminist parenting in society. Authors shed critical light on long-held parenting conventions such as unpaid carework labor, gender roles, and family power dynamics, and expose how particular conventions reproduce gendered inequality. Feminist resistance strategies are offered by authors for “doing parenting,” to increase “mother-power” in the family. This collection raises important questions about contemporary women’s roles and adds to the current literature on feminism, parenting, gender, and family diversity.

“By highlighting how feminist beliefs influence the everyday but complex work of mothering, this book enhances our understanding of varying definitions of feminist parenting while also presenting the many challenges its implementation embodies. Through a unique blending of theory, research, and personal narrative, expressed in both moving poetry and prose, this volume allows us to explore the myriad ways that mothers, and fathers too, struggle to implement their individual interpretations of feminism and in the process it helps us to reflect upon our own parenting, using feminism as the lens. The cross-cultural emphasis is another highlight of this engaging publication.”
—REGINA M. EDMONDS, Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women’s Studies, Assumption College

“This eclectic new collection bravely addresses itself to the politics, practices and pains of feminist parenting which, its contributors argue, incorporates nondomination, eco-feminism and the deconstruction of the traditional nuclear family. Weaving together poetry, personal and scholarly essays, Feminist Parenting also includes studies of changing family politics in Pakistan and Poland. A bold and impassioned contribution to feminist maternal studies.”
—LAURIE KRUK, author of My Mother Did Not Tell Stories and co-editor of Borderlands and Crossroads: Writing the Motherland


Lynn Comerford, Heather Jackson, and Kandee Kosior


Emily Powers

Feminist Parenting as the Practice of Non-domination:
Lessons from Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, Sara Ruddick,
and Iris Marion Young
Elizabeth Ann Bartlett

Feminist Mothering
Andrea O’Reilly

The Potential for Feminist Parenting
Lynn Comerford

Before You
Lynn Comerford


Powerful Autonomy
Heather Jackson

Mothering on Their Own Terms:
How Single, Queer, and Feminist Mothering Deconstruct
Patriarchy, Gender, and the Nuclear Family
Heather Jackson

Wild, Child:
Reflections at the Intersection of Nature, Gender, Race,
and Parenthood
Kate Parsons

Childhood Phobia
Shannon Drury

My Grandmothers:
The Real Powerholders in the Family
Quincie Melville

The Whole of My Child
Jana Bühlmann

The Skin of Your Hand
Cassie Premo Steele


Tomatoes: A Sonnet
Sara Hardin Keeth

Embodying Feminist Mothering:
Narratives of Resistance through Patriarchal Terrorism
from Both a Mother’s and Child’s Perspective
Marilyn Metta with Mae

“That’s Not What Boys Do”: Mothering a Boy Child, Resisting
Masculinity, and Coming to Terms with Manhood
Rachel O’Donnell

I Was Ward Cleaver: An Apologia
Johanna Wagner

Gymnastics and Equality
Lesley Bunnell


The Skies Have Eyes
Gabrielle McNally
Can Ecofeminism Save the World?
Eco-mommas and Their Quest to Raise Feminist and
Environmentally Conscious Children
Pamela Redela

Feminist Parenting Strategies in Pakistan
Anwar Shaheen

The Stories and Resiliency of Aboriginal
Single Mothers in University
Marlene Pomrenke

Lone Motherhood in Poland
Iza Desperak

About the Contributors

Heather Jackson, a former teen mom, is now a 30-something single mom of a teen. She is a former site producer of girl-mom.com. Currently, she works as a birth doula, case manager of pregnant and parenting teens, and early childhood data collector in the Upper Northeast. She recently published a chapter in The Bakken Goes Boom regarding the change of maternal health related to the oil boom in North Dakota (where she grew up!). Her writing has also been published on thepushback.org, hipmama.com, girl-mom.com, books (including Demeter Press), and zines (ramonegirl on etsy). She bikes, plays guitar in an all female punk band, and is an anarchist.

Lynn Comerford, PhD, is a sociologist and Professor in the Department of Human Development & Women’s Studies at California State University, East Bay. Comerford is director of Women’s Studies and writes in the areas of feminist theory; state power and parental rights; and coparenting. She has published in the journals Communication Theory, Human Systems and Journal of Family Theory and Review and in the edited volumes Oppositional Discourses and Democracies (Routledge Press), Battleground: Women, Gender and Sexuality (Greenwood Press), The 21st Century Motherhood Movement (Demeter Press), and, More Than Blood: Today’s Reality and Tomorrow’s Vision of Family (Kendall Hunt Press). She is one of two feminist parents of a teen daughter.

Kandee Kosior is a feminist mother with special research interests in women and the law, moral regulation, women’s human rights and motherhood. She has a BFA from the University of Regina, a BA in Criminology from University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Women’s Human Rights Education Institute, OISE, University of Toronto. She is a longstanding member of ARM and MIRCI where she guest edited JARM’s Mothers and Daughters, 2008 and JMI’s Mothering Violence, Militarism, War and Social Justice in 2010. She is currently on the editorial board for the inaugural issue of the Museum of Motherhood’s Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS).