Counting on Marilyn Waring: New Advances in Feminist Economics, Second Edition


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Publication Date: September 2014

ISBN: 978-1-92645202-9

This second edition, which includes an epilogue by Marilyn Waring, maps new advances in theories and practices in feminist economics and the valuation of women, care and nature since Marilyn Waring’s 1988 groundbreaking critique of the system of national accounts, If Women Counted. It features theoretical, practical and policy oriented contributions, empirical studies, and new conceptualizations, theorizations and problematizations of defining and accounting for the value of nature and unpaid household work, eco-feminism, national and international policy processes, unpaid care and HIV/AIDS policy, activism and artwork, and mirrors the wide-ranging impact and resonance of Waring’s work as well as the current frontiers of feminist economics.

“Wide spectrum of issues are elaborated with a rich set of cases. This book offers insights for new public policy design focusing on well-being for everyone.”
—Gülay Günlük Şensen, Professor, Istanbul University

“Counting on Marilyn Waring provides a timely reminder of the politics and economics underpinning what, how and by whom activities and outputs are valued. For those concerned with social justice and sustainable futures this important and powerful book provides an invaluable and practical insight into issues that are in need of greater visibility.”
—Alison Preston, Professor, University of Western Australia

Review from Women’s Studies Association of New Zealand

Maria Berg Reinertsen, Economics commentator in Morgenbladet, Norway
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Media Release for Counting on Marilyn Waring.

Feminist's ideas resonating in unlikely places - The New Zealand Herald - May 3, 2014

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Review from Feminist Economics



Margunn Bjørnholt & Ailsa McKay

Advances in Feminist Economics in Times of Economic Crisis
Margunn Bjørnholt & Ailsa McKay

Feminist Economics as Vision for a Sustainable Future
Iulie Aslaksen, Torunn Bragstad & Berit Ås

Everything Needs Care: Toward a Context-Based Economy
Sabine O’Hara

Reflections on Unpaid Household Work, Economic Growth, and Consumption Possibilities
Iulie Aslaksen & Charlotte Koren

Women’s Unpaid Work Was Counted But. . .
Johanna Varjonen & Leena M. Kirjavainen

Accounting For Death: Infant Mortality, the MDGs, and Women’s (Dis)Empowerment
Monica J. Casper & William Paul Simmons

Substantive Equality, Stockholm Syndrome and the Costs of Child Sexual Abuse
Shirley Jülich

A Pacific Way of Counting
Tagaloatele Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

Narrative Trumps Numbers: Marilyn Waring in the World
Rod Dobell, with Jodie Walsh

If Mothers Counted: Status Symbols for the Invisible Art of Mothering
Hadara Scheflan Katzav & Shira Richter

Whose Rights Count? A Research Journey with Marilyn Waring on Unpaid HIV Care and the Economics of Dignity
Meena Shivdas & Anit N. Mukherjee

Rural, Northern Canadian Women’s Caregiving Experiences in the Context of Economic Values
Heather I. Peters, Dawn Hemingway, Anita Vaillancourt & Jo-Anne Fiske

Creating Conceptual Tools for Change: Marilyn Waring’s Influence in Australia
Marty Grace & Lyn Craig

Making Mothers’ Milk Count
Julie P. Smith

Resilient Feminism: Social Movement Strategy in a Conservative Regnum
Mara Fridell & Lorna Turnbull

Counting Embodied Learning: Marilyn Waring and Feminist Pedagogical Practice
Jill Eichhorn

Post-graduate Supervision with MJW
Karen Webster
List of Contributors

Margunn Bjørnholt is Director of Policy and Social Research in Norway and holds degrees in sociology and international economics. Her research interests include work–family arrangements and gender equality, alternative financial institutions, public sector reform, and feminist legal theory and social justice.

Ailsa McKay is Professor in Economics at Glasgow Caledonian University. She is a founding member of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and a member of the Scottish Governments Equality and Budgets Advisory Group.