Always With Me: Parents Talk About the Death of a Child


Price: $29.95

Page Count: 250

Publication Date: August 2018

ISBN: 978-1-77258-169-0

How does a parent cope after the death of a child? Each essay in Always With Me: Parents Talk About the Death of a Child reveals the experiences of parents who have lived through the devastation and upheaval of their child’s death.  Parents describe the maelstrom they face in their inner landscapes, coping strategies, and realigned place in the world. The writers in this collection of stories take on such topics as shock and isolation, despair, guilt, and how they attempt to make sense of their shattered lives. They offer insights into how their grief and loss are worked through, and why certain personal connections are severed, others strengthened.  Importantly, they describe how, with lives altered indelibly, they try to press forward to find a new place in the world.

For readers who have lost a child, this book will speak to many aspects of their experience. For other readers trying to understand this experience, this book will encourage compassion and an open perspective. Readers will admire the courage of those who have written their stories.

This book is a gift to all of us. The collection of vignettes takes us into the centre of the heartbreaking and unimaginable pain that parents who have lost children live through as they try to make sense of a world where the natural order of things is gone. Raw, honest and powerful, the stories cannot but make an impression on the reader. The book is instructive and filled with valuable lessons not only for those in the helping professions—social workers, nurses, physicians, teachers, therapists—but also for the general public that needs to get past its discomfort with all parents’ worst nightmare and learn how better to provide compassionate support to bereaved parents and their families. 

Therese Jennissen, Ph.D., Professor, School of Social Work, Carleton University

Donna McCart Sharkey

Objects We Hold
Martha Royea

Jesse’s Story
Stephanie Gilman

Different Worlds
Suzanne Corbeil

I Can’t Imagine It
Lorna Thomas

Lisa Whiteside

Donna McCart Sharkey

Martha Royea

Something I Want You to Know
Martha Royea

Ten Days Apart
Jacquelyn Johnston

Eulogy For My Son Kevin
Roy Patterson

Sorrow Seasons
Tara McGuire

Worlds Apart
Becky Livingston

Jane Davey-Keogh

Memory Box
Judy Lynne
When David Was Killed
Randie Clark

What I Never Knew
Antoine Babinsky

Four Poems
Laura Apol

The Heartbreak of Loss
Bonnie Hardy

Guess It’s Time To Put It Down
Barb Duncan

No Words for It
Micheline Lepage

Linda Turner

Living my Best Life for my Son, Chris
Elaine Dean

Goodnight Irene
Susan Doyle Lawrence

Life After Losing my Son
Ingrid Draayer

Martha Royea

Don’t Worry about Getting Old, Mum
Bonnie Waterstone

Joy Reclaimed—Twenty Years After
Cathy Sosnowsky

In Loving Memory
Barb Hayduk

How did we survive his death?
Andy Bond

Sylvia Pasher

The Bird
Judith Maguet



Donna McCart Sharkey grew up in Montreal and now lives in Ottawa. When not working on writing projects, she likes to read, do aerobics, dance, walk her dog, and well, have fun.  Prior to retirement, she was a professor at The State University of New York. She is the mother of Alessandra and Renata.