Academic Motherhood in a Post-Second Wave Context: Challenges, Strategies and Possibilities


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Publication Date: May 2012

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Contributors detail what it means to be an academic mother and to think about academic motherhood, while also exploring both the personal and specific institutional challenges academic women face, the multifaceted strategies different academic women are implementing to manage those challenges, and investigating different theoretical possibilities for how we think about academic motherhood.

“The contributions to the collection present diverse stories and perspectives from the personal to the theoretical and empirical. I finished reading feeling not only more informed but empowered.…Several hundred thousand women are currently employed as post-secondary teachers across North America; all of their Chairs, Deans, and Provosts should read this book and all academic women should know about it.”
—Elissa Foster, Director of Education & Program Evaluation, Department of Family Medicine, Lehigh Valley Health Network

9. “I Should Have Married Another Man; I Couldn’t Do
What I Do Without Him”: Intimate Heterosexual Partnerships and their Impact on
Mothers’ Success in Academe
Andrea O’Reilly

10. From Motherhood, Through Widowhood: The Path to Receiving
the Academic Hood
Yvonne Redmond-Brown Banks

11. Non-Tenure-track Academic Work … The “Mommy Track”
or A Strategy for Resistance?
Jill M. Wood

12. Demeter on Strike: Fierce Motherhood on the Picket Line and the Playground
Laurie J. C. Cella

13. Re-Writing the Script
Jennifer Hauver James

14. Being a Mother Academic: or, I Didn’t Get a Ph.d. to
Become a Mom
Joanne Minaker

15. Integrating the Personal and the Professional
Rachel Epp Buller

16. Halving It All: Co-parenting in an Academic Couple
Karen Christopher and Avery Kolers

17. Great Expectations for Moms in Academia: Work/Life Integration and
Addressing Cognitive Dissonance
Marta McClintock-Comeaux

section three: possibilities

18. Academic Autonomy: Authority, Self-Confidence, and
Sylvia Burrow

19. Being and Thinking Between Second and Third Wave Feminisms: Theorizing a Strategic
Alliance Frame to Understand Academic Motherhood
D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein

20. The Cost of an Education: Exploring the Extended
Reach of Academe in Family Life
Amber Kinser

21. Basketball, Skating, and Scholarship:
or, How to do Research from the Bench, the Rink, and the Car
Elizabeth Podnieks

22. Academic Mother Crossing Linguistic and Cultural Borders
Masako Kato

23. Mothers in Law: Re-thinking Equality to Do Justice to Children in Academia
Isabelle Martin and Julie Paquin

24. Liberalism’s Leaky Legacy: Theory and the Narratives of Graduate Student
Jamie Huff, Sarah Coté Hampson, and Corinne M. Tagliarina

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