Mother’s Day Isn’t For “Other” Moms But It Could Be, by Heather Jackson

For me, Mother’s Day is somewhat painful, only a reminder of how I am not “good enough.” Getting pregnant by […]

“Playing Dead” by Valerie Mason-John

Playing Dead (a sonnet) Curled up in my mother’s bed Tight like a screw. Back to back I can’t sleep. […]

“Parachute Wedding Dress” by Jane Satterfield

More fetching than the gowns themselves, sail-white and confectionary sweet— the stories concealed in pieced panels, in cascades of hand-edged, […]

“Let Me Tell You about the Mother” by Dena Taylor

Sometimes I get so frustrated Everything I do with her takes forever But what is time and why does it […]

Mother’s Day by Tracy Royce

This year we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day two days early; Mom recently moved into a facility for people with dementia, […]

Shortlisted for an Alberta Literary Award: “Tell Me About Today” in Telling Truths

Telling Truths: Storying Motherhood, edited by Sheena Wilson and Diana Davidson (Demeter 2014), is a collection of thirty-eight works of […]

From Poetry Month to Mother’s Day: An Interview with Laurie Kruk

Laurie Kruk is the author of three poetry collections—the most recent, My Mother Did Not Tell Stories, with Demeter Press […]

On Poetry and “Beehive Love”: An Interview with Andrea Nicki

Continuing our celebration of Poetry Month, we spoke with Andrea Nicki whose second collection of poetry, Noble Orphan, was published […]

On Poetry, Zines and Slutwalk: An Interview with Clementine Morrigan

Clementine Morrigan is a multidisciplinary author and artist. Her first poetry collection, Rupture, was published by Demeter in 2012 and […]

Book Launch: This Is What A Feminist Slut Looks Like

Slutwalk began in 2011 after a Toronto police constable remarked that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not […]